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Cheshta Sawhney

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I started to discover the gift that was bestowed upon me at a very young age. I was about 16 years old when I started to understand my clairsentient abilities and realized that I was born with a very different purpose in this life.

Having a mother who was a clairvoyant, made it much easier for me to make my transition into the metaphysical realm. Her constant guidance and love helped me understand the bigger realities of the spiritual world, my soul purpose, and my journey about helping people in this life.

It was only then I realized that I had had this blessing and chose to start my journey as a spiritual practitioner. Through life’s ups and downs and as an intuitive empathy and clairvoyant, I have come to know that every human is divinely complex and multi-dimensional. My mission is to work with the energies of love and harmony to promote healing, personal power activation, and mastery as the soul moves through its growth spurts and initiations into wisdom. So when clients arrive seeking healing, learning, and growth, we explore the vast realm of possibility and the big picture of your life, so that transformation promotes liberation, clarity and peace.

Upon contemplation and reflection I have come to find that my deepest motivation in life is love. Unconditional love, that reaches across all time and space. It is this deep motivation that guides and shapes my work. We are living in rapidly changing times and the world demands a lot from us. I am available as a listening ear and to intuitively help you with your Spiritual path and help you learn what you already know subconsciously.

I believe we each have a story so important for weaving the web of life, and whether we are aware of it or not, our soul guides us through life to find and live the path of harmony as an expression of our essence. I am truly blessed to have found my path and am here to help you find yours too!

Happy Clients…

According to my experience Spiritually you are amazing. You spread so much of love around you and guide a person in such nice and excellent way that he cannot go wrong at any place in his life. After being guided by you a person always feels positive and no matter how much hurdle’s come in his way. Your vision is so big and beyond a normal person’s reach. I always want you to bless my complete family & friends; I really had a mind-blowing experience during all our sessions. It was too perfect for words.
The angel guidance and message were not only accurate, but also so loving and divine. Everything I needed to know about my life in one quick session! I had such a great experience.
Dear Cheshta, Thank you for facilitating my journey now and then.. With each healing i dropped more inhibitions and blocks.. Which allowed me to align myself with the larger plan.. I feel so much lighter and clearer.. You have helped me off load lot baggage that was no longer serving me.. Love
I am so blessed to have had experienced this session with you. You are doing wonderful work at such a young age. Thank you for all your help.
The angel guidance and message were not only accurate, but also so loving and divine. Everything I needed to know about my life in one quick session! I had such a great experience.
Hi Cheshta! Your therapy was awesome. We really miss you.